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All 20 Premier League Clubs Oppose to a Biennial World Cup

All 20 Premier League Clubs Oppose to a Biennial World Cup

FIFA has indicated that it intends to hold World Cups every two years, but the Premier League are against it. English Premier League clubs want to avoid “any drastic changes” to their schedules and thus unanimously oppose FIFA’s rescheduling proposal. So, among other, related news of English football today, all 20 Premier League clubs oppose to a biennial World Cup.

Premier League teams have responded to FIFA’s proposal for a biennual men’s World Cup with unified opposition, The Athletic report.

Thus, after La Liga’s president also disapproved of it (the football news), EPL clubs have unanimously rejected the idea, too.

FIFA had halfheartedly floated around the notion of holding a World Cup every two years before, as well.

But this biennial World Cups’ proposal only seriously started gaining pace in July. That was when former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger – now FIFA’s head of global football development – openly endorsed the proposal.

FIFA initiated a (questionable) feasibility study, and Wenger stated that a biennual World Cup is “what the fans want”. Although, in reality, the plans have been widely panned.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has expressed reservations about a binennial World Cup. Meanwhile, players and managers have also widely questioned the appropriateness of such a change to the football schedule.

All 20 Premier League Clubs Oppose to a Biennial World Cup

Concerned about player welfare and domestic football, the Premier League have now added their collective voice to the debate, too.

They have unanimously criticized FIFA’s recommendations, which included the lengthening of international windows.

A Premier League statement confirmed none of its 20 clubs was in favour of a World Cup every two years.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters said: “The Premier League is committed to preventing any radical changes to the post-2024 FIFA International Match Calendar that would adversely affect player welfare and threaten the competitiveness, calendar, structures and traditions of domestic football.

“We are open to reforms and new ideas, but they must enhance the complementary balance between domestic and international football in order to improve the game at all levels.

“This process should also involve meaningful agreements with the leagues that provide the foundations for the game.

“We will continue to work with supporter groups, players, domestic and international stakeholders to find solutions that are in the best interests of football’s long-term future.”

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