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Ultimate Fantasy Cricket Tips That Will Ensure Big Wins for You

Ultimate Fantasy Cricket Tips That Will Ensure Big Wins for You

Fantasy sport is all about playing smart. Fantasy cricket buffs especially, here in India, will tell you this exact thing. Strategy is key to a – fiscally or otherwise – rewarding fantasy cricket experience. In fact, strategy and smart play trumps even sheer luck when it comes to predicting an upcoming cricket/soccer match, say. So, to improve your team-building strategy, here are the ultimate fantasy cricket tips that will ensure big wins for you. Go on – master your fantasy gaming skills before playing for real money on fantasy apps like Buaksib (the football news).

Ultimate Fantasy Cricket Tips That Will Ensure Big Wins for You:

  1. Make Last-minute Changes Based on the Toss Result

You just have a small window to make any last-minute changes according to the toss. So, your crucial first step is to stay tuned to check the toss result. Before this too, as soon as the final XI is released by the teams, you can make some necessary changes. Remember to drop the players you have selected but are not in the playing XI first-thing, in your last-minute changes.


  1. Manage Multiple Teams

Fantasy gaming apps allow you to create multiple teams, offering the best of fantasy cricket tips, right there. They encourage you to create multiple teams so as to increase the probability of winning more. Since there is no dearth of contests in most fantasy cricket apps, you can always create multiple teams.

Even if you lose with one team, your other team may win big in another (or even the same) contest.


  1. Seek out Latest Pre-match Updates and Announcements About Both the Teams

Look out for all the news that the teams are coming out with, from their trip details to potential COVID-19 outbreaks on their camps. Even the replacement of a coach has an impact on the playing XI, so be wary of team updates.


  1. Also Seek out the Latest News About the Players (Position, Injury, etc.)

Injury updates about players are supremely important in guiding you to pick the right starting XI for a cricket contest. Similarly, if there is a change in the batting position of a player, you should be aware of it. After all, perhaps the biggest key to winning big is by choosing the top order batsmen in your team. Here’s a tip within a tip, in fact – 60% of players in your fantasy XI should be ideally top-order batsmen.


  1. Pick the Right Combination of Batsmen, Bowlers, Wicketkeeper, and Fielders

Since you need to pick at least one player from all the categories, it is important to choose cricketers carefully. For a top-order batsmen, we you don’t have to always select a proper batsman. It could also be any player who bats at the top. The ideal way to go about making the ideal fantasy team is by picking all-rounders. These players, beside doing all else, often bat in the top 4. This way, you get maximum points thanks to their all-round performances, and added points if they also bat well! The same goes for wicketkeepers, who are known for their batting abilities too. These stars can fetch points through both batting and wicketkeeping.

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