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EPL English Premier LeagueDennis Bergkamp interested in Crystal Palace coaching role

Dennis Bergkamp interested in Crystal Palace coaching role

Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira together with Arsenal won three league titles and four FA Cups. The Dutch legend was seen in the Crystal Palace vs Watford fixture over the weekend. Bergkamp following the fixture spoke about Vieira, his other former teammates and future managerial aspirations.

“I’ve really enjoyed watching this season. I feel he’s really influencing the team, you can see his print on them. The way he approaches things and the way they’re playing – you can see his philosophy which is always a good thing,” said Dennis Bergkamp.

“I get along well with Patrick. I admire his calmness and his career. Especially the person he is and he’s nice to be around. So who knows what will happen in the future?”

Dennis Bergkamp: He’s had a great season and people hadn’t expected that

“He had it (calmness) as a player as well. Everyone knows the battles he fought in midfield but outside the pitch, there was also a calmness with him talking tactically about getting the ball in the right areas and letting players play to their strength.

“That’s what he did as a player and you can see it as a coach. He has things sorted where every player has improved over the season and that’s a sign of a good manager. He’s laid a foundation and even more than that. He’s had a great season and people hadn’t expected that. If he can build from here then maybe they can look forward to finishing higher in the table. It’s interesting to watch.

“It’s not something (bond between former Arsenal players) you create, it’s something that is just there. The other day I saw Thierry and he reminded me it’s been 16 years [since we’d last played together] which is unbelievable. We spoke over the phone but it’s how it goes. It felt like only the day before we’d seen each other. It’s a really good feeling, I consider all of them friends and it’s important to have such a connection as it’s for life.”

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