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EPL English Premier LeagueDenmark and Czech Republic Coaches Discuss Their Euro 2020 Quarter-final

Denmark and Czech Republic Coaches Discuss Their Euro 2020 Quarter-final

Denmark beat Wales, and Czech Republic defeated the Netherlands so that the two could face each other in Euro 2020. With the two teams clashing today in Baku, watch the Denmark and Czech Republic coaches discuss their Euro 2020 quarter-final.

In our latest football prediction of this exciting quarter-final clash, we anticipate Denmark to emerge as winners.

Denmark and Czech Republic Coaches Discuss Their Euro 2020 Semi-final

Denmark Coach: We Are Doing It for All of Denmark

The Danish head coach, Kasper Hjulmand, has shared his opinion on the upcoming Euro 2020 quarter-final match tonight in Baku.

“I can’t go anywhere without motivation. We are doing it for all of Denmark. We have two dreams: to win something big and to inspire and encourage,” the coach told UEFA official website.

He continued to say: “We have our principles and our philosophy. But apart from that we have to consider things like tactics, positions and individual skill. There is always room for some variation in tactics.”

“We always try to give the players the right direction to work in, and the meeting with the Czech Republic is no exception in that sense,” he added.

Czech coach: I Am Confident That We Can Do It

Czech head coach Jaroslav Šilhavy has divulged on his expectations for the Euro 2020 quarter-final match against strong rivals Denmark.

“The Danes are very strong as a team,” the coach told UEFA official website. “Their style of play is similar to ours. We know that they can’t play Poulsen, Kjaer and someone else, but Denmark have a good replacement for them.”

“The quality of their game will not suffer from this. It will not be easy for us,” he added.

“We must not lose to Denmark in dedication and commitment to the game.”

He then said: “I am confident that we can do it. In this case, the quality of the game will be crucial. One mistake can decide the fate of the match, make one team’s position more favorable.”

Šilhavy elaborated more on his estimation of their imminent opponents: “Denmark have a lot of very strong players, but I still think that we can score a quick goal as a result of an opponent’s error or after a standard situation.”

“I expect a fair game with plenty of individual duels, where everything will be decided by minor mistakes,” he concluded.

“We know that the Danes can change their tactical scheme unnoticed in the course of the match. We have paid attention to it, and I think our players are ready to cope with it.

“As for the starting line-up, Darida is OK again, but we’ll see how he will feel after today’s training session. The starting line-up has not yet been finalized.”

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