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EPL English Premier LeagueDenis Suarez Experienced a “Bad Loan” Period at Arsenal with Non-stop Injuries

Denis Suarez Experienced a “Bad Loan” Period at Arsenal with Non-stop Injuries

Denis Suarez acknowledges that during a “bad loan” period at Arsenal he was healthy for only one week.

He said to The Athletic: “It was clearly a poor loan, as I didn’t play. But there have been situations that I wish the fans could understand.

“Unai Emery told me he needed a winger. It’s not my best role but on the wing, I can play. He said, ’Come over here. You will play. Don’t stick in Barcelona. Play, play, and then you can be signed.’”

“I wanted Arsenal to recruit me, but at the moment the club couldn’t. Instead they said, ‘Come here, get the continuity, so we will register you when you have a year left on your deal.’ Yeah, that sounds perfect.”

During the 2019 winter transfer window the Spanish midfielder was sent to Emirates Stadium but only made six appearances for the Gunners. He had just 67 minutes of Premier League games over four substitute appearances.

Speaking more on what happened, Suarez said: “I played against Manchester City in my first game and then, 10 days later, I was hurt (in the first leg) against BATE Borisov in the Europa League. I was having so much pressure in my groin. I did tests and scans and there was nothing in my groin but around the pubic bone there was a significant edema [build-up of fluid]. When I ran, when I shot, when I passed, I felt intense pain.”

“I declined other teams, the fact is: Real Betis, Sevilla, AC Milan all wanted me. I should have agreed for a four- or five-year contract with certain other teams. That’s how much I wanted to get to Arsenal. And people don’t know exactly what happened,” he commented about his intense desire to secure a place at Arsenal.

However, his injury problems stopping him from securing a permanent transfer or demonstrating his value to Barcelona’s parent club.

The 26-year-old, quizzed as to if he was still completely fit for the Gunners, added: “Within a week, I think things grew worse. I was experiencing incredible pain during the match against BATE Borisov. Every movement, every shot and every change of direction. I wanted to go through the pain during preparation.

“It was obvious that Arsenal wouldn’t recruit me, but I still understood that, if I never appeared for Arsenal, Barcelona wouldn’t want me either. It’s life. I can’t manage this” said Suarez.

“Nobody wanted to play more than me, but the scenario was unrealistic. I’m sorry but I don’t believe the fans of the Arsenal really know the position I was in.”