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EPL English Premier LeagueDarren Fletcher: Who Will Guarantee the Players Would Be Safe?

Darren Fletcher: Who Will Guarantee the Players Would Be Safe?

Former Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher has admitted that he would be “very concerned” about playing in the present situation.

“Sport is essential to everybody and we’ve always enjoyed it so here we’re thinking about life and death things. Who will guarantee the players would be safe? I don’t think at this point of time anybody would guarantee it,” he told BBC Radio Scotland.

“I’d be one of those high-risk players with my disease,” he said, implying his personal health problems made him more understanding of those players who were scared to return. “I’d be very worried about that but I love playing at the same time.”

He went on to cite players’ concerns regarding the health of those around them:

“That’s a big worry. Footballers do not only worry for themselves and their families and the future of their careers, but should also be concerned about bringing it back to their family.”

He claims there are still major uncertainties surrounding restarting the professional game, following the revival of the Bundesliga in Germany behind closed doors on the weekend, with hopes to launch the Premier League again in June.