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Italy Serie ACremonese 0-0 AC Milan: Napoli has gained ground on AC Milan thanks...

Cremonese 0-0 AC Milan: Napoli has gained ground on AC Milan thanks to the stalemate at Cremona

Cremonese 0-0 AC Milan: Napoli has gained ground on AC Milan. Cremonese made the Rossoneri’s evening difficult.

Stefano Pioli remembers Stadio Zini in Cremona fondly. In 1989, the AC Milan coach scored his first Serie A goal with Cremonese. Pioli had a much less joyful experience in Cremona 33 years after scoring the winning goal for Fiorentina.

His absentee-plagued formation struggled with the low fliers in Serie A. In the first half, goalkeeper Marco Carnesecchi proved too much of a challenge for the Rossoneri, who went on to score 0-0 after 45 minutes despite having 72 percent possession of the ball. headed to the locker room

After nearly an hour, the Cremonese goalie, who was missing the injured Cyriel Dessers, saw the ball disappear into the goal. After a frantic moment, Divock Origi scored, but he saw a line go through the 0-1 due to offside.

Carnesecchi saved a goal thanks to VAR, as the Italian youth international kept his goal clean for ninety minutes despite Milanese siege. Cremonese thus took a point, bringing Milan’s total to eight points after the draw with Napoli. None of the chasers can keep up with the leader.

Cremonese 0-0 AC Milan: Pioli’s conference

“We accomplished a decent first half and a recovery that was not up to par,” Milan coach Stefano Pioli said. “To create more opportunities, we should have done more and acted faster. Cremonese has closed all gaps for us, but we could and should have done more given our calibre. We lost mobility in the second half, we didn’t win duels, and if you don’t miss the guy in front of such closed teams, everything becomes more difficult. We did well in the recovery phase, but not so much in the manoeuvres without the ball. Cremonese was more active at the start of the season, but she now has a wait-and-see approach, so we should have moved much faster. We’ve done little to capitalise on our opportunities; the game has always been under control, but it hasn’t been enough.”

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