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EPL English Premier LeagueChinedu Ede Hated Football and Turned to Drugs while Playing at Bundesliga

Chinedu Ede Hated Football and Turned to Drugs while Playing at Bundesliga

Winger Chinedu Ede admitted that he used to play in the Bundesliga under the leftover effects of drugs.

Ede was a member of Germany’s winning Under-21 European Championship squad in 2009, and played among other clubs in the German top flight for Mainz and Hertha Berlin.

Now 33, he retired last year from the team, and is trying himself in a music career.A newly released music video called ‘Reflection’ features the lines ‘I hated football’ and ‘Sometimes wasted in front of  60,000 in the Bundesliga.’

Asked to explain whether the above line was actually about drugs, Ede confirmed: “That is basically the way it is understood.” He added, “You sometimes lose too much interaction with reality and try to get things better, and it was like treatment. So you play so you already have a leftover impact from the drugs.”

Talking to T-Online, Edu clarified that his hate was directed to the football business, which he perceived as sapping personality from the people in it:

“I started out because it was fun. They just want adaptable machines in this business, because football truly is a business, that keep repeating the same sh*t over and over again. All about it, with all these people – everything irritated me. 99 per cent of the players who talked freely and honestly were very soon removed. I felt very disappointed by all this. You definitely got a lot of money for it, but eventually no wealth in the universe excuses just being allowed to be yourself.”

Starting from Hertha, Berlin-born Edu also played Duisberg, Union Berlin, Mainz and Kaiserslautern before going overseas. Edu played for Germany at the level of youth from U-17 to U-21, but never made the move up to the senior level.