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EPL English Premier LeagueChief Football Medic Enrico Castellacci Suggests Cutting the Quarantine Period in Half

Chief Football Medic Enrico Castellacci Suggests Cutting the Quarantine Period in Half

Professor Enrico Castellacci, chief football medic, has said that the quarantine period must be halved and is against opening the stadiums for fans.

The former doctor of the National Team said that it was only fair to encourage soccer to have the same opportunities as the rest of society:

“If there’s a federal and political will to coincide and if everyone has chosen to go ahead, as it seems, why not think of a reduction of quarantine to seven days?

“Only in this way, the championship could move forward. The 14 days are too much, and the Ministry of Health regulations are dated February 21. In the meantime, the scenario has changed.

“Clubs in the top tier will be able to apply the protocol safely but have unmatched economic, organisational, logistical and human potential.”

Series A resumes from June 20. “Let’s face it, the resumption of Series A is already a great victory,” Castellacci told the Corriere dello Sport.

He goes on, “Much of the credit goes to the FIGC, which has not stopped at the first problems and the walls that the politicians have raised in recent months.

“The world is starting up again, the locals fill up, the shops reopen, life flows in the streets. It seems right to me that an important industry like that of football has the same possibilities.”

However, Castellacci is still concerned that under the current protocol there is a considerable risk that the championship will not be completed: “As an association, we have brought two documents to the Federcalcio to give Serie B and Serie C doctors a voice. The former have concerns, the latter in 90 per cent of the cases say that they can’t enforce the protocol.”

Also, he said that the public would have to wait for a return to the stands, as he was pessimistic about letting people go to Italy’s stadiums, even with reduced capacity:

“Right now, I find it difficult. If there’s an obligation to quarantine 300 people for a single case of Covid-19, let alone what could happen if the public entered the facilities… Let’s take one step at a time.”