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Category : Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports are online games involving prediction platforms where you put together a virtual team of real sports players. Users can earn points and even real money based on real life statistics. This means that the better your selected players perform in real life, the higher your fantasy points and earnings are.
For instance, taking up football as a sport, fantasy gamers assemble a virtual team of real-life sports players belonging to specific leagues across the world such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), English Premier League (EPL), La Liga (Spain), Bundesliga (Germany), etc.
This way, gamers can enjoy a professional football match live with the thrills of added, real stakes!
So, fantasy games enable sports’ buffs to display their talent and knowledge in the game and entertain themselves too.
However, fantasy gaming, as a concept, was most popular in Europe until recently and has just arrived in Indian markets. You must be eager to know – what is the history and current context of fantasy sport in India?
With many initiatives for fantasy sport in India off to a promising start, virtual gaming is evolutionarily the best next step in the country’s avid sporting culture.
And cricket is the first to come to mind when we talk about India’s passion for sports. One of the major reasons for the colossal and exponential growth of fantasy sport in India across the past decade, that is, just 10 years, is our (the entire nation’s, collectively) unparalleled enthusiasm and passion for the game of cricket.
With a steady rise in fans’ enthusiasm for fantasy cricket, estimates call for India to sustain more than 650 million gamers by the year 2025, and more thereafter.
Fantasy gaming apps of India cater to a wide range of sports ranging from cricket, basketball, football, hockey, and other enticing games – even niche ones like snooker. But assuredly, cricket is the most famous among these. Cricket, as well as other culturally popular sports like fantasy kabbadi and fantasy football, has created immense interest and revenue among Indian gaming enthusiasts.
Top apps for fantasy sport in India, like Playerzpot, are peaking in their popularity because of their USP of weekly login rewards. Well, one of the latest prediction platforms in the Indian fantasy gaming scene is Buaksib, and it offers rewards and coin bonuses for check-ins on the daily.
After thus learning the brief but booming history of fantasy sport in India, and calling out it’s major players in the coming times, one cannot help but join in on the exciting new culture of fantasy gaming within India oneself!