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World CupArgentine legend Sergio Agüero describes the crazy partying after the World cup

Argentine legend Sergio Agüero describes the crazy partying after the World cup

Argentine legend Sergio Agüero did not escape the Argentinian festivities after the World Cup victory unscathed. The former international carried Lionel Messi on his shoulders and later held the World Cup for fifteen minutes. That resulted in back and arm pain, Agüero says in a live stream on Twitch. Lionel Messi was also concerned about his alcohol consumption.

The 34-year-old Agüero put an end to his career in December 2021 due to cardiac arrhythmia. He remained closely involved with the national team of Argentina afterwards. As a friend of the selection, he traveled to Qatar. After winning the World Cup final, he took the newly crowned world champion Messi on his shoulders.

“My back hurt a lot. At a certain point I couldn’t take it anymore,” Agüero says in the live stream. “I couldn’t even turn around. If I had turned around, I would have ended up in the hospital. He noticed because we looked at each other. ‘Don’t worry, you are world champion, but my back hurts,’ I said. Then he got off me.”

Messi’s anger on Kun’s behaviour

Later in the evening, Messi became angry with Agüero, who was said to have had too much to drink. “I drank a lot, but I ate nothing. That’s why it came in strong. We had become world champions. If something had to happen to me, then there. Messi got mad at me and told me to stop. How could I stop? We were world champions. I was so happy. That is also why the alcohol had twice as much effect as normal,” the City legend added.

Not only Messi, but also the World Cup is tough, Agüero noticed. The trophy weighs more than six kilograms. “I held him for fifteen minutes and then my arm hurt. The Europa League trophy weighs 15 kilos, which is insane. The Champions League trophy is eight kilograms. I never held it, but well, I did hold up the World Cup,” the former striker concluded.

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