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Italy Serie AÁngel Di María addresses rumours linking him to a Juventus exit

Ángel Di María addresses rumours linking him to a Juventus exit

Ángel Di María has once more addressed media speculation regarding him. This time, the subject was his potential desire to quit Juventus.

Di María’s declaration that he would eventually desire to play for his youth team Rosario Central in a CONMEBOL interview last week is the cause. “Even if only for one year. While playing in Europe is every Argentine’s ambition, my goal is to one day return and don Rosario’s jersey. I’ll take the opportunity if I get it,” Di Maria said. From the time he was four years old until his 2007 departure to Europe, the winger was a member of the team.

Ángel Di María confirms he is not leaving Juve anytime soon

The 34-year-old winger talks about his earlier interview and the rumours that it sparked in a lengthy article. “Usually I don’t react to lies, but right now I do. I don’t know who started the rumours that I’m leaving in January,” he wrote in a post. Di María acknowledges that he has spoken publicly about leaving for Rosario Central, but he adds, “I have made those declarations since I came to play in Europe in 2007.”

The forward claims to enjoy Turin. “I don’t necessarily want to go now, or even in the winter. Stop making up stories; I’m thrilled to be a part of this fantastic club. Don’t trust what you read, Di María said.

It is common for South American players to return to their nations and specifically their boyhood clubs to end their career. Ángel Di María continues to impress in a top level league ahead of the World cup. However, following the tournament you would expect his return to South America in a season or two.

The former footballer for Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Paris Saint-Germain has already made a lot of noise on social media. Di María already answered to this unique request and expressed regret for receiving a red card that had serious repercussions.

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