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UEFA ChampionshipAjax vs LFC: Preview and prediction

Ajax vs LFC: Preview and prediction

Ajax vs LFC: Liverpool could go to the knockout stages of the Champions League on Wednesday if they defeat Ajax. But criticism of the Reds’ athletic accomplishments persists. In general, Jürgen Klopp is aware of why he feels his team is not stable enough.

Liverpool succumbed to Nottingham Forest 1-0 last Saturday, handing them their third league loss of the season. Liverpool has also had four draws in the Premier League. “Let me explain, please. Yes, there are many different elements at play,” said Klopp during his press conference on Tuesday. “We obviously aren’t as strong as we were the entire prior season. Our ongoing health issues do play a part in that.”

According to Klopp, their starting lineup needs to be stable if they really want to turn things around. “However, we lack that. It could be challenging if you have a lot of injuries, players that need to heal, or players who truly return too soon. It will require some time to solve this issue. However, excellent performance does not come easily. It takes a lot of work to get it,” he added.

Against Ajax, Klopp benched a number of players once more, including Thiago Alcântara. “In any case,” the Liverpool coach said, “we have a lot of guys with us. Although playing Ajax will be challenging, I still have cause for optimism.”

According to Klopp, their opponent Ajax is transforming. However, the manager noted that they still have a strong team. “There are some interesting players here. However, can you provide an illustration of a changeover time that was swift enough for the outside world? It’ll require some time. I’ve let my guys know that Ajax is still tremendously strong and dangerous.”

Even if Klopp’s team defeats Ajax and Napoli defeats Rangers, the vast goal differential between the two games means that even if Liverpool defeats Napoli, they may not be able to win the group.

Ajax vs LFC: Prediction

  • Asian handicap: +1 Ajax @ 1.59 odds.
  • Total goals: Under 3.5 @ 1.83 odds.
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