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About us: Football Chase chases football news. We are here to deliver the latest in the world of football at your fingertips at lightning speed!

From match updates to fixture lists to game summaries and highlights, we have it all. What’s more, with Football Chase, you will never miss out on transfer news. The progress behind the scene, or player updates. We allow you to check in on your favorite players, be it news of transferring or injuries, or media interactions.

Don’t worry, your favorite teams won’t miss out, as well. Clubs, their management, their coaches, and their players and staff- we bring you the latest news on them all.
We report on all the major football tournaments – Champions League, and English Premier League. MLS, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and others like Europa League, and the World Cup too.

About Us: FootballChase.com

Besides insights on players or teams and insider rumors about potential transfers, Football Chase also strives to report in a politically conscious manner.

The football world is in strife with the political affairs that shake the world. It exists within and in interaction with the politics of race, gender, sexuality, and more. Movements like Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, etc. had a profound effect on football as well as all the other spheres of life.

Football players bravely protest police brutality (as seen in the US or Nigeria), online abuse and racism, and other inequalities, both on and off the pitch. Some, like Marcus Rashford, even champion noble causes like child hunger or the struggles of the COVID crisis.

And it’s no different here at Football Chase. We cover our footballers as human beings, and football clubs as accountable institutions, all belonging to the wider world and its affairs.

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